The Unheard Voices of Our Neighbors

This documentary captures the personal stories of struggle and challenge for refugees and immigrants living in Oregon. Refugee and immigrants are often forced out of their countries due to war, poverty and political instability in hopes that the United States will provide them a safe haven. New challenges and unforeseen difficulties of equality, race and discrimination arise when new arrivals reach the states. This film brings awareness around these issues and offers new perspectives on how we can all improve the communities we live in by working together.

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On-Camera Interview Subjects
Baher Butti
Mae Chao
Sara V. Garcia Gonzalez
Karla Hernandez
Kayse Jama
Kanaan Kanaan
Nickson A Khamasi
Dieter Konnegen
Anton Li
Jaime Limon-Guzman
Victoria Limon-Ruiz
Balsam Matti
Cecilia Vasquez Menchu
Adrian O’ Brian
Mariana O’ Brian
Juan Chan Sapon
Husam Self
Michala Senarsky
Bakhtiar Schwany
Siv-Heng Ung
Delfina Chan Vasquez
Marta Chan Vasquez
Vilma Chan Vasquez
Vera Yalta


Friday, December 7