The View from Tall

THE VIEW FROM TALL: 17 year-old Justine is smart, unpopular, and tall. A sexual transgression with her teacher forces her into therapy with Dr. Douglas Cecil, a disabled man with demons of his own. As the lines of propriety between two lonely souls are stretched, and then broken, Justine must navigate the thorny issues of age, lust, and leaving your adolescent life behind.

Directors Erica Weiss and Caitlin Parrish are long time collaborators. Most recently, their play THE BURIALS premiered at Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. They are currently working on an original pilot, RED LINE, for Warner Brothers Studios. THE VIEW FROM TALL is their first film.

VIRGIN TERRITORY: Hormones strike and Cassie Feldman suddenly sees her mom’s cool assistant in a whole new light. With questions of her sexual identity, and all-around sexual confusion, bubbling to the surface, she suddenly realizes she wants to lose her virginity. Both to satisfy her all around horniness and also to hopefully answer some questions.

Director Emily Robinson, 18, has been acting over half her life; most notably in Amazon’s TRANSPARENT (Seasons 1, 2, and 3). Her upcoming films include BEHOLD MYHEART, GOING UNDER, and UNICORN STORE. Virgin Territory is her directorial debut. Robinson is represented by UTA.