The Visionary And The Vision

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

Los Angeles based film archivist Mark Toscano presents two film programs that give a rare peek at the work of several unconventional visionary artists whose undistilled, ecstatic creative powers have, for better or worse, kept their work mostly (and mercifully?) free and clear of mainstream audiovisual culture.

Program 1: On Wednesday, April 9, The Visionary will showcase portraits of unparalleled folk artists like George Dumpson, Sid Laverents, and Simon Rodia, the creator of the breathtaking Watts Towers. The program will include Larry Jordan’s portrait of artist Joseph Cornell, which includes some of the only footage ever shot of Cornell’s workshop, ca.1965. Creative radicals like Christopher Tree and Bob Comings will also make appearances.

Program 2: On Thursday, April 10, And the Vision will focus on a selection of utterly unique, visionary, and UNREAL film works of a number of truly inspired, one-of-a-kind artists, including Sky-David, Daina Krumins, Chick Strand, Len Lye, James Whitney, and others.


Program 1: The Visionary | 90 mins
Wed, April 9

  • Christopher Tree | Les Blank | 1968
  • George Dumpson's Place | Ed Emshwiller | 1965
  • Cornell 1965 | Larry Jordan | 1965/79
  • The Towers | William Hale | 1957
  • Multiple Sidosis | Sid Laverents | 1970
  • Boc Ging | Ben Van Meter & Bob Comings | 1969
  • Clarence | Jud Yalkut | 1968
  • and others!

Program 2: And the Vision | 90 mins
Thurs, April 10

  • Anselmo | Chick Strand | 1967
  • Color Cry | Len Lye | 1952
  • Grain Graphics | Dana Plays | 1978
  • Potpourri | Peter Spoecker/B.Y.M. Productions | 1968
  • Babobilicons | Daina Krumins | 1982
  • Yantra | James Whitney  1957
  • Straight and Narrow | Tony & Beverly Conrad | 1970 | Music by Terry Riley and John Cale
  • and others!

Note: Some films in the 4/10 program have a stroboscopic flicker.

The MISSISSIPPI RECORDS MUSIC & FILM SERIES is a monthly series of events curated by Mississippi Records. Events include film showings, live music and lectures featuring artists close to the heart of Portland’s Mississippi Records label and shop. Artists and collaborators featured include Sun Ra, Philip Cohran, Harry Smith, Les Blank, Michael Hurley, the Academy Film Archive, and many many more.



Thursday, April 10