The Welder

Sunday, December 20 at 2pm  |  $8

A group of teens is being stalked, hunted, and murdered by a mysterious killer in this modern take on classic horror. Tyler, a teen with a troubled past, meets new friends who invite him to a party, but the walk home goes terribly wrong. Written and directed by 14-year-old Ben Deeth, this blood-filled flick is an ode to the classic sub-genre with many new twists and turns. The Welder is an action horror film with dark comedic tones. It will make you laugh, and then you’ll be afraid to walk home.

About the director:

Ben Deeth is a teen filmmaker from Portland, Oregon. THE WELDER is the second film he has written and directed since he began creating films at age 8. A home-schooled learner and lifelong movie buff, he enjoys the freedom of expression in filmmaking, and the challenge of bringing whatever he can imagine to life. Despite the blood and gore, he thinks the horror genre doesn’t have to be taken so seriously. Deeth's favorite directors include Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, Eli Roth, and Steven Spielberg, and he has been inspired by movies such as INDIANA JONES, GRINDHOUSE, PULP FICTION,  TRAINSPOTTING, SE7EN, FIGHT CLUB, HOSTEL, and DRIVE. When he’s not working on a film or learning project, the self-taught musician spends his down time playing the bass guitar, piano, and drums.



Sunday, December 20