The Whisperer in Darkness + Short Films

Friday's show is 7-11 pm

Short Films
We’re mostly here for the short films, right? This lineup of short films from all over the world may cause you to question your reality...and your sanity! Short films range from direct adaptations of stories by Lovecraft and his contemporaries to original stories that couldn’t exist without the influence of cosmic horror. Q&A with attending filmmakers follows.

Feature: The Whisperer in Darkness - special 10th Anniversary screening
H. P. Lovecraft’s classic tale of alien horror bursts onto the screen in the style of the classic horror films of the 1930s. Folklore professor Albert Wilmarth investigates legends of strange creatures in the most remote hills of Vermont. His inquiry reveals a terrifying glimpse of the truth that lurks behind the legends. The Whisperer in Darkness returns us to the golden age of movies for a thrilling adventure of supernatural horror. Filmed on location in New England in Mythoscope™ by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, The Whisperer in Darkness treats audiences to a cinematic thrill not felt since the Hoover administration. Q&A with director Sean Branney and Andrew Leman follows.

Films are different each day of the festival. In addition to theatrical screenings, there are streaming exclusive shows that include short and feature length cosmic horror films from around the world that you can only stream from home.

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