The Wild One

Portland punk rock legend Jonny Harbin aka Jonnycat has played in killer bands like The Triggers and Chemicals, released classic records via his label, and is a friend and hero to countless weirdos, outcasts and non-posers. Now cancer is trying to keep him down, and we gotta run it the hell outta town with a special benefit screening of one of Jonnycat’s favorite flicks!

THE WILD ONE (1953) Marlon Brando portrays Johnny Strabler, leader of The Black Rebels Motorcycle club. BRMC blows into a small town in California, Johnny raises hell with his gang, and then falls for the sheriff’s daughter. Chino and the rival Beetles show up with an old grudge, and plenty of drinking, fighting, and racing ensues, with the townspeople caught in the chaos.

The Hollywood Theatre is donating box office sales after this screening’s booking costs to the cause! Tickets are $10, with every single dollar of ticket sales after the first 35 going straight to Jonny’s recovery fund.

Donate to Jonnycat’s GoFundMe here.

No Passes or Member Discounts accepted for this screening.

Assistive Listening
László Benedek
89 mins.