The Wild

Series: Portland EcoFilm Festival

When wild salmon return to their home rivers to spawn and die, their bodies are a sacrament - giving life to their progeny, the earth itself, and human beings. Their last act ensures that life will continue. Right now, it may be up to us to ensure their very existence will continue.

By suddenly dismantling safeguards the EPA had enacted to protect the salmon, water, and people of Bristol Bay, Alaska, the current political regime in the US has unilaterally revived a mining corporation’s relentless pursuit to build North America’s largest open-pit copper mine - directly in the headwaters of the most prodigious wild sockeye salmon run in the world.

The Wild is a race against time, where the hard-fought-for/hard-won protections for Bristol Bay now seem as fleeting as morning mist.  Fresh into addiction recovery, this urgent threat spurs filmmaker Mark Titus back to the Alaskan wilderness he loves, guided by the questions:  How do we reconcile human separation from the natural world that sustains us – and if we can change course - how do we save what remains? How do you save what you love?

Directed by Mark Titus. Filmmakers in attendance. Post-film panel discussion followed by Virtual Reality media experience that places the viewer in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

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Kate Crump is a world renowned fly fishing guide, owner of Frigate Travel and a board member at Pacific Rivers. Kate lives and works out of Rockaway Beach, Oregon. Like so many Oregonians, weak logging laws under the Forest Practices Act have affected Kate's business and community.

Filmmaker in attendance.

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