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THE WIZARD (1989):
A feature film based on the hugely successful NES and its games, also serving as a surprise reveal for Super Mario Bros. 3, THE WIZARD stars Fred Savage as Corey Woods, whose younger brother Jimmy (Luke Edwards) is extremely upset and withdrawn after his twin sister passes. Jimmy’s obsessed with the idea of getting to California for mysterious reasons, and after Jimmy’s sent to an institution, Corey decides to break him out and take him on the trip, with a private investigator and his older brother Nick (Christian Slater) and dad (Beau Bridges) both in pursuit. On the way, Corey discovers Jimmy is a prodigy at nearly every (Nintendo) video game and there just so happens to be a massive video game tournament taking place at Universal Studios, the $50,000 Video Armageddon! Corey and Jimmy team up with Haley Brooks (Jenny Lewis - yes, *that* Jenny Lewis) on a mission to make it to California and conquer Video Armageddon, but not before being encountering plenty of mini-bosses along the way. It’s so bad… and yet, THE WIZARD did its job, turning a feature film full of melodrama and schlock into the perfect thing to keep Nintendo on top through another holiday season.

This month’s guest comedians:

David Mascorro
Ian Durias
Phil Mills
Robin Mihara (1990 Nintendo World Championships Finalist!)

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