They Heard Voices

A documentary film exploring the hearing voices (HV) movement, chronic psychosis and the schizophrenia label. Panel discussion following the film.

THEY HEARD VOICES investigates schizophrenia an “illness” with no “cure” the label has persisted for over a century. This film offers multiple perspectives: Is schizophrenia hard science? Or an arbitrary, catch-all term with no real meaning? What does it mean for those experiencing psychosis? The film is a series of wide-ranging interviews with voice hearers, medical historians, anthropologists and psychiatrists from Britain and America, presenting different people’s views.

Featuring: Erin Emiru, Rai Waddingham, Kevin Healey, Mark Roininen, Dr Angela Woods, Edward Shorter, Dr Avery Krisman, Dr Albert Wong, Suman Fernando, and Dr Stefen Ecks.

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass.

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