Think Hollywood 2011

Our Organ Grinders concert series features performances of local PDX bands to score silent films from the glory days of the silver screen. From under the screen, the sounds of modern groups are paired with movies from a different era.

September 15th - JAZZ WEST MULTIVERSE performs a score for the 1927 film UNDERWORLD: "Boisterous gangster kingpin Bull Weed rehabilitates his former lawyer from his alcoholic haze, but complications arise when he falls for Weed’s girlfriend."

ABOUT J.W.M. - Assembled Specifically for for special projects such as live and recorded soundtracks and scores, the Jazz West Multiverse combines the innovative string bass of Jimi Jazz Prescott (founding member of G Love and Special Sauce) and the revolutionary percussion styles of James West.

Coming to ORGAN GRINDERS in October: A live silent film score by The 1939 Ensemble.

September 15th - 8pm
Hollywood Theatre - $10
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Friday, September 23