This Vast & Mysterious Ocean

Jason returns from distant places unknown to find his home in ruins, his wife Leah disturbed, and his daughter Chloe missing. He searches desperately for a way to return his family to the life they once knew, but his spiraling path is illuminated only by fractured memories of a drive to the ocean, where he and Leah fell in love a very long time ago.

Hollywood Theatre is proud to present a special cast and crew screening of "This Vast and Mysterious Ocean", a psychological thriller infused with surreal imagery and an immersive soundtrack by Portland filmmaker John Bergstrom.  A limited number of seats are available for Hollywood Theatre members to see the film, participate in the Q&A, and meet the cast and crew.

Produced by Desert Island Studios.  Cinematography by Devin Tolman.  Starring Chris Harder, Sonya Davis and Vivian Hunter.

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