Series: Hecklevision

THRASHIN’ (1986) It’s the 1980’s in Los Angeles and two skater gangs rule the streets. Corey Webster (Josh Brolin) and his gang of skater friends call themselves The Ramp Locals. The Ramps are chill dudes who live to board the streets while they check out bikini-babes in hot L.A.. Getting in their way of a good time is a rival gang called The Daggers. These bad boys spend their time creating chaos and wreaking havoc amongst the locals. King of The Daggers, Tommy (Robert Rusler) is not at ALL amused when pretty boy Corey starts dating his sister, Chrissy (Pamela Gidley); nobody takes a girl from The Daggers and gets away with it. NOBODY. The boys’ aggressions escalate until they compete in the “L.A. Massacre,” a deadly downhill race!!!

This screening is presented in Hecklevision. Simply text your heckles, jokes and commentary from your seat, and see them magically appear on screen beside the film.

This month’s special guests:

Nariko Ott
Alex Falcone
Shannan Hunt
Mark Saltveit
Laci Day
Mark Mahoney


Friday, September 23