Three on a Match

Series: Hollywood Babylon

The Hollywood Theatre premiers the new Signature Series Hollywood Babylon with THREE ON A MATCH in 35mm, harking back to the pre-code days of old Hollywood when crime paid and debauchery was just another night on the town. This new night out is free for Hollywood Members and dressing up is encouraged!

In 1932’s THREE ON A MATCH, Mary (Joan Blondell), Vivian (Ann Dvorak), and Ruth (Bette Davis) are former classmates who meet up ten years after graduation. Vivian, who married a successful lawyer (Warren William), seems to have the most glamorous life. She isn't satisfied though, and she soon deserts her husband and son for a mobster and a life of debauchery. Before long, she's hooked on drugs and needs cash, so she and the gangster decide to kidnap her own son for ransom. Co-starring Lyle Talbot, Alan Jenkins, and Humphrey Bogart in an early role.

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Mervyn LeRoy
Wheelchair accessible
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