Trilogy of Terror

Series: Re-Run Theater

Another October, another classic made-for-TV fright flick. This one starring the immortal KAREN BLACK (FIVE EASY PIECES, Nashville) in arguably the most memorable of televised horror movies from the 1970s: TRILOGY OF TERROR.

Penned by master writer Richard Matheson (I AM LEGEND, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN), it tells three stories, each starring the magnificent Miss Black in different roles. The first, decades ahead of its time, involves a school teacher who is slipped sleeping pills while on a date with one of her students for a sinister game he likes to play. The second features an extreme case of sibling rivalry. And the third, of course tells the now legendary tale of a woman, alone in her apartment, battling the vicious Zuni Fetish Doll, animated by an ancient curse and a lust for blood.

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