Troop Beverly Hills - (2014)

Series: Fashion in Film

For the ultimate example of style in cinema one need look no further than 1989’s Troop Beverly Hills . A ginger-haired Shelly Long stars as Phyllis Nefler, a society wife that takes over as leader for her daughter’s (played by an adorable young Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley and indie rock fame) Wilderness Girls troop featuring a bunch of stylish spoiled Hollywood rich kids. Long teaches them about fashion, friendship and hard work while learning the same lessons along the way. Expect huge shoulder pads, even bigger bangs, the requisite 80’s fashion show montage (!) and stylish cameos by Cheech Marin, Robin Leach, and a teen Tori Spelling. Basically, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a film.

Troop Beverly Hills is the first in our new FASHION IN FILM series curated by Eden Dawn, wardrobe stylist and Fashion Editor of Portland Monthly, and Marjorie Skinner, Managing Editor and fashion columnist for the Portland Mercury. Together the two make up the majority of fashion press for our fair city and have an intense catalog of inspirational films influencing their style decisions.



Sunday, March 23