True Stories

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

The 1986 film directed by none other than David Byrne .  A sprawling survey of a small Texas town that attempts to make sense of America and the meaning of our lives. Both bitter and sweet, David Byrne tries to find beauty in the horror that is small town USA.  He begins with the dinosaurs and moves through to the modern age of computers. Based on collaging tabloid headlines, Byrne described the film as "60 minutes on acid." Great performances by Byrne, Spalding Gray, John Goodman, Pop Staples and many more. Great songs by the Talking Heads.  No one could say it better than the movie script itself: 

"I want to just tell you a little story that I heard about Texas recently in a local tavern. It seems though God was working around the earth here, trying to make it beautiful just like the rest of the world. He had to knock off because it was nighttime. And He said, "I'll come back tomorrow and make it just as pretty as the rest of the world, with lakes and streams and mountains and trees." And He got back the next day, and saw that the ground had completely hardened, like concrete. And He didn't want to begin all over again. No! In His infinite wisdom, He had an idea. He said: "I know what I'll do. I'll make some people that like it this way!"

Hard to tell if the film is hateful or loving - but either way, it's great! Rarely shown on the big screen! (We are pretty sure it has not shown in Portland since 1986). A beautiful looking 35 MM print. For fans of the Talking Heads and anyone who is feeling strange about this here world we live in.
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Friday, May 27