Ungrund Collective: Be Nature

Thursday, March 24 at 7:30pm  |  $6  |

Ungrund presents their new work Be Nature, an installation that will transform the Hollywood Theatre into a shifting space of light and sound.

Ungrund is a collective of female artists working within the realm of video. Ungrund includes: Julia Oldham, Nika Kaiser, Suzy Poling, Light Hits, and Jessie Rose Vala. Many of these artists pull inspiration from harsh landscapes such as metamorphic zones of the great basin, or the vastness of outer space. A relationship of the unknown known is culled by interactions each artist constructs with the landscape. The ephemeral quality of video captures psychic communications with their surroundings. This transcoding becomes a way to illuminate our intrinsic interconnectivity to a reality invisible and visible.


Friday, March 25