Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

Special FREE memorial presentation of the 2006 documentary by Kate Fix and Jason Summers.

Co-Director Kate Fix will be in attendance

Tickets are first come, first served on the night of the show. 

UNKNOWN PASSAGE chronicles the lives of Fred and Toody Cole, heroes of Northwest rock scene since the mid 1960's, and Andrew Loomis, who's done everything Keith Richards has done, but with way less money. The movie goes back as far as Fred's first musical foray at the age of 15 as "Deep Soul Cole, "the white Stevie Wonder" and moves forward through the 60's psych scene, the 70's / early 80's punk scene, the late 80's country scene and ends with the glorious 16 year long career of Dead Moon. Furiously DIY, these folks built their own Ghost town in Clackamas, made their own records on the legendary lathe that cut "Louie Louie", homesteaded deep in the wilds of Canada with just an ax in hand, ran a Portland music store, and raised kids and wrote songs and played gigs all throughout.  With Andrew, they formed Dead Moon - the greatest rock band of all time (according to Mississippi Records....millions of Germans and Dutch folks agree)  

Because Fred Cole passed away last week, the Hollywood Theatre, Mississippi Records, Kate Fix and Jason Summers are offering this free show to the public for a little mass catharsis.  Fred is one of the greatest heroes ever to come out of Portland. Come on by and celebrate the life of a true legend.  

Fred Cole


Saturday, November 18