Vampire Double Feature

Series: Repressed Cinema

Repressed Cinema presents a double feature of THE BODY BENEATH (1970) and CRIMSON HEATHER (2000)

7:30pm: THE BODY BENEATH (1970)
Directed by Andy Milligan! A family of vampires takes over an estate known as Carfax Abbey. Since inbreeding is destroying the family line, they need new blood to keep the family going, so they set out to find new sources. Do not miss the ghoulish green vampires! From the pressbook: "The surprise ending will horrify the most sophisticated audiences of this powerfully evil film." 35mm print! (85 minutes)

Jimmy McDonough, Andy Milligan's biographer, will be introducing the movie and answering questions about the enigmatic auteur Andy Milligan before the show.

9:20pm: CRIMSON HEATHER (2000) DirectorJoe Sherlock in attendance! Crimson Heather is a charming vampire, who meets a vengeful huntress, determined to slay the bloodsucker. Oregon's own, director Joe Sherlock, has made over 30 unique low budget movies and has been called the Fred Olen Ray of the Pacific Northwest. (36 minutes)

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