Vampyros Lesbos

The Hollywood Theatre welcomes Severin Films for a tribute to the great Jess Franco, with a restoration of this 1971 erotic horror classic!

Across the Atlantic, in the Bossa-nova soundscapes of Spain, two ladies pair up in an unusual mix of gothic horror and seaside bliss. 1971’s VAMPYROS LESBOS plays off the story of Dracula, as Ewa Strömberg and the hypnotically gorgeous Soledad Miranda partake in hallucinatory thrills of the erotic persuasion, while dealing with a basement-dwelling serial killer and Dr. Seward, a fanatic hellbent on seeing vampires wiped from existence. Equal parts softcore kitsch and hard arthouse, this is an excursion into experimental cinema that proves just how fun such an  experience can be! With all rules of the vampire myth cast aside, let Jess Franco serve you up some horny terror for a sweat-soaked evening of haunted excitement.

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Jesus Franco
92 mins
Wheelchair accessible
Open Captions (subtitles)


Saturday, April 13