We The People

Series: Rental Event

WE THE PEOPLE is the first of its kind, a human and humor-focused web series that highlights stories of immigrants to the United States. These are stories that are real. They are funny, they are thoughtful, uplifting and relatable. The people interviewed for the series moved to the United States from Mexico and Pakistan, Bangladesh and France, India, Brazil, Iraq, Canada, Ethiopia and more.

Light-hearted, fun and sometimes poignant, the 10-episode documentary web series explores themes of language, identity, stereotypes, life changes, loss and many others – challenges that are a part of life for any immigrant in a new land.

While the mainstream narrative surrounding immigration can often be politically-charged and a constant source of angst, WE THE PEOPLE explores the positively refreshing and unapologetically real aspects of what it means to be a new immigrant in America today.

The United States, throughout its history, has benefited greatly from the arrival of new people who bring with them fresh ideas, energy and ambition, but that legacy is in danger today. There is an urgent need for a different, more positive conversation and this series aims to facilitate that.