When Two Worlds Collide

Series: Portland EcoFilm Festival

Friday, October 21 at 7:00pm  |  $9  | 

WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE brings audiences into the line of fire between two powerful, opposing Peruvian factions. On the one side is the Peruvian government and President Alan Garcia, who begins aggressively extracting oil, minerals, and gas from untouched indigenous Amazonian land. He is quickly met with fierce opposition from the indigenous people living in the Amazon jungle, led by Alberto Pizango, whose impassioned speeches against Garcia’s destructive actions become a rallying cry. WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE exposes a titanic clash between a government hungry for economic legitimacy and a people desperate to protect an ancient land from ruin. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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US Film Premiere 

For most of us living in cities with dependable amenities, drought is something we see on TV or read about in newspapers. This probably gives us an emotional distance from the people, animals, birds and landscapes affected by drought. Because of this distance, we fail to understand that our actions have an impact, too! EVERY DROP COUNTS is an attempt to build a bridge between our actions and their consequences. It tells the two sides of a story, on one screen. Directed by Dhimant Vyas. (1 minute)

103 minutes
Heidi Brandenburg, Mathew Orzel