Wizards with Andrew Belling

Series: Wyrd War Presents!

Wyrd War invites you to experience the magic of Ralph Bakshi's animated masterwork WIZARDS (1977) on rare 35mm as we celebrate the release of soundtrack composer Andrew Belling's sci-fi jazz score for the first time ever on vinyl LP format! Andrew Belling will be in attendance and Wyrd War has created a special color variant of the soundtrack exclusively for this event.

Ostensibly Bakshi’s “family film,” WIZARDS is an almost impossibly PG rated post-apocalyptic “fantasy epic of peace and magic” that tells the decidedly adult tale of Magic and Technology fighting for world domination some 3,000 years after nuclear war has reduced earth to a primeval wasteland. 40 years after its theatrical release, WIZARDS continues to fascinate, perplex and inspire audiences, like a beautifully handcrafted Rorschach test of the late 20th century’s excesses, hopes and increasingly foreboding anxieties of things to come. Don’t miss this very special 40th anniversary screening! 

Ralph Bakshi
35 mm
80 min


Friday, July 14