World Odyssey: Globetrotting by Film

Series: Northwest Animation Festival

Explore foreign countries, as revealed through animated films! Taste other cultures, hear different voices, and feel what it's like to live in another place. Cinematic adventurers will make stops in China, Germany, Mexico, Haiti, Iran, Latvia, and the Netherlands. This year, we also give special attention to Syria. We'll hear from a young man caring for friends and family during the current crisis, first-hand accounts from escaping refugees, and about the hurdles they've faced while trying to reach sanctuary.

In turbulent times, these films are a powerful antidote to despair. There is an intimacy in listening to a stranger describe their home. From the safety of your seat in a movie theater, the heart reaches out across thousands of miles, and these people living in other lands somehow seem to become more real. More human. And in that moment of witnessing another person's humanity, our own cravings for kindness and dignity reverberate more strongly. We practice projecting friendship to these persons we meet on screen. Together, an audience helps carry one man's grief from losing his home. Or, together we celebrate the value a humble garbage collector who stops to pet a neighborhood cat each week.

A few narrators share stories about how they've suffered loss and resisted violence, which are difficult to hear. This program also contains some of the most powerful, memorable, emotionally moving films in the whole festival. Viewer courage and curiosity is advised.

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95 min
Assistive Listening