World's Best Bike Movies - B

This is part of Filmed By Bike 2017

Filmed by Bike features the world’s best bike movies. The 2017 Opening Night includes two amazing different programs (A and B) that showcase an inspiring mix of fun-loving bike stories. From documentaries to animated shorts, sink into your theater seat as you lose yourself in the creative world of bikes.


The Mam Nick Hill Climb | 3:09

Brendon Tyree Sheffield, Great Britain

Mam Nick Hill is a cycling purist’s hill.

The world Naked Bike Ride | 1:49

Jiaqi Wang – London, Great Britain

This animated piece features interviews with participants of the World Naked Bike Ride. The global ride is a celebration of bikes and bodies, a protest against oil dependency and a demonstration of cyclists’ vulnerability.

Five Days on Kokopelli Trai | 5:30

Dwayne Burgess – Hempstead, New York

A glimpse at the grueling Kokopeli Trail by veteran bike traveler Dwayne Burgess.

Teppei Nasty Iwabuchi Fukuoka 2016 | 3:25

Seitaro Iki – Fukuoka, Japan

Teppei Nasty Iwabuchi tears it up on the streets of Fukuoka.

8bar Neukln v1: Steel is Real | 1:16

Rick Schubert – Berlin, Germany

A cool glimpse.

Get Some Fresh Air 200k | 2:13

Jay Ritchey – Decatur, Georgia

Riders cruise along a 200k ride through Decatur, Georgia. Complete with local BBQ.

La Vuelta | :30

Onesal – Tokyo, Japan

The filmmakers of this brief animated piece say they drew their inspiration from the “ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha and his adventures touring Spain, always fighting against the odds.”

My Own Private Idaho | 3:01

Francis Delapena – Boise, Idaho

A compilation of BMX stunts and random fits of the wild.

Dame mit Hund (Walk the dog) | 3:00

Sonja Rohleder – Berlin, Germany

In this intriguing animated piece, a woman walks her dog in the park, where she meets a man she would have liked to avoid.

Voice Notes: A Tandem Ride with Horst A. Friedrichs | 8:30

Montenegro & Lafont – Madrid, Spain

The Voice Notes series charts a testimony of a sincere love connection with bike riding as well as the beginning of a friendship. In this piece, Montenegro & Lafont offer a fascinating portrait of the photographer and bike lover Horst A. Friedrichs. In his book City Style, the renowned photographer compiled a stylish portfolio of men and women standing proudly by their steel framed bikes through the streets of London.

Dada | The Malagasy Trialist 3:37

Felix Le Blanc – Chambery, France

A portrait of the captivating Malagasy trialist known as Dada, and those he inspires.

Dirty Sellwood: You’re Never Gonna Make It | 11:16

Manny Marquez – Hood River, Oregon

Every year, Dirty Fingers Bicycle Repair and Sellwood Cycles team up to hose the most grueling road ride of the season, The Dirty Sellwood. In 2015, massive storms came in, cutting the ride short for all but a select few riders. In the midst of the carnage, several of the most resilient pushed on to glory. This is their story.

Dean Dickinson in The Dirty Sniff | 2:33

Bone Deth Bikes, Sean Burns, and Dean Dickinson Portland, Oregon

From the Bone Deth team’s full-length bmx dvd “The Dirty Sniff,” local BMX rider Deak Dickinson shows off his talent.

Every Week Is Awesome | 4:03

EWIA PRODUCTION – Nitra, Slovakia

“We finish the day with a beer in hand, talking casual things, knowing days like these – filming riders, chasing the perfect light and falling asleep completely exhausted at the end of the day – is exactly what we live for. A few years later working regular jobs, we were convinced that it was time to do what we really love.’Follow your passion’ cliché as hell, we know, but we just simply couldn’t resist. Most people say that we will fail, so we take that as a signal that were going the right direction. But you know what? So far, Every Week Is Awesome.”

All I Want for Christmas | 3:53

Tina Lagler and Blaž Miklič // OSM films – Ljubljana, Slovenia

In this short experimental film a wife puts her old bike under the Christmas Tree for Santa to replace it with a new one. Unfortunately her clueless husband is just not that into, so she is forced to take matters into her own hands.

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