X Files & Millennium

Series: Re-Run Theater

It’s a horror TV double feature tribute to 90s producer Chris Carter.

First up, the original X FILES.  In this episode, Agent Fox Mulder reluctantly accepts a case where a man at a call center claims his boss is really a camouflaged predatory insect creature.  Mulder thinks the man is simply insane until he sees the monster himself.  Now, for the first time, his partner, Agent Dana Scully must decide what side of reality she accepts.

Then, it’s the crossover series MILLENNIUM where a special organization investigates the End Times.  In this episode, three demons meet in a cafe to talk over coffee about their exploits damning souls.  They realize they’ve each had a run in with the psychic ex FBI agent Frank Black.

Halloween themed TV ads will be played at every break.

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass.

Assistive Listening
Wheelchair accessible