Current Member Policies + FAQ


Membership Information & Policies

Last updated: February 3, 2023

Online Member Access
Your membership is active online immediately from time of purchase. (Please note: this does not apply to gift memberships, which need processing before they become active.) If you used an existing log-in to purchase your membership online, that log-in should be automatically associated with your membership, so you can log in using that username and password to access your ticketing benefits. If you do not already have a username and password set up, here are instructions on how to create a log-in that will be associated with your membership.

Once your log-in is successfully set up, you can access your member ticket benefits online by visiting any individual event page, clicking on the showtime you want to attend, and selecting “login to take advantage of member pricing.” After entering in your username and password, your member ticket option should automatically appear.

In addition to immediate online ticket access, you will also receive a membership acknowledgement letter (which serves as your tax documentation) and your new membership card in the mail within 7-10 days after purchase. If you do not receive your materials in the mail within this time, please let us know by emailing

You can use your member card to purchase member tickets at the Hollywood Theatre box office. Please be aware that many screenings/events do sell out, so we always recommend buying tickets in advance (either online or at the box office) to ensure that you get tickets to the events you want to attend.

Movie Madness Benefits - Rent One, Get One Free
All members enjoy a daily rent one, get one movie rental free deal at Movie Madness!

Show your valid Hollywood Theatre membership card to Movie Madness staff at check-out, and you’ll get one free rental when you purchase any other movie rental (maximum one free rental per day). You can use this benefit once per day for as long your membership is valid. (Please note, Hollywood Theatre and Movie Madness use two different systems at this time and these technologies do not communicate. If you are new to Movie Madness, you will need to fill out their new account form when you first go to rent; this step takes 5 minutes at most. We appreciate your patience as we work with two different softwares.) Rental deal terms: must present valid Hollywood Theatre membership card at checkout; one free membership rental per member card/per day; late fees apply; renewals by phone prohibited.

As noted above, you MUST present your membership card to Movie Madness staff at check-out to receive this deal, each and every time. If you need your membership card reprinted, please email

Exceptions to Member Benefits
For the majority of regularly-priced screenings we offer, Student/Senior, Friend, and Director members receive discounted tickets, while Premiere, Marquee, Visionary, and Cinephile Society members receive complimentary tickets. For first run programming*, Student/Senior, Friend, and Director members typically pay $8 ($7 matinee) while Premiere and Marquee members pay $5 ($3.50 matinee); Visionaries and Cinephile Society members receive complimentary tickets. Occasionally there are special events for which we are unable to offer member benefits (due to studio demands, visiting artist expenses, or other unusual circumstances). In the case of these special events, exceptions to the usual member benefits will be noted in the event description online or in member communications. *For First Run films exhibited on 35mm, 70mm, or other special engagements, ticket pricing for levels Premiere through Cinephile Society may vary.

Member Guest Passes
Member guest passes are one-time-use annual passes which are issued to Director and above members. These passes may be used by the member or used to bring a friend (member need not be present for passes to be used). Paper guest passes can only be redeemed at the Hollywood Theatre box office. For some special events, member guest passes may not be accepted; see the event description online or ask a box office staff member for details on particular events.

All new and renewing members at the Director and above levels receive virtual guest passes automatically applied to their accounts. We won’t issue paper passes to members by mail like we used to, but will continue to accept our old paper passes at the box office. Guest passes can be used for free admission for most of our regular first-run and repertory film programming. Number of guest passes varies per membership type (Student/Senior and Friend memberships do not include guest passes).

Your virtual passes are pre-loaded into your online account, and will expire at the end of your membership year. They don’t carry over, so be sure to use them! Just choose “Guest Pass - Member” at check out (see below).

updated guest pass.png

Member Communications
Member e-newsletters are emailed at the beginning of every month, containing information about free member events, special member offers, upcoming festivals and screenings, etc. Additional member emails, such as announcements about member pre-sale ticket access, are sent throughout the year as needed. Please note that if you do not supply a valid email address to us upon purchasing your membership, or if you choose to unsubscribe from our email platform, you are opting out of receiving these important member communications and any benefits offered therein.

10% Member Discount
All members receive a 10% discount on all Hollywood Theatre and Movie Madness branded merchandise, which includes pint glasses, t-shirts, enamel pins, and more. Just show your membership card at Hollywood Theatre or Movie Madness, or email for the discount code when shopping at our online store.

Art House Convergence Visiting Members Program
All our members enjoy reciprocal benefits at other art house theaters across the country! The Hollywood Theatre is one of the theater partners of the Art House Convergence Visiting Members program, providing Hollywood members with benefits at over 60 other theaters nationwide. Please visit the AHC Visiting Members website for more info.

Monthly installment payments
If you have signed up for a Friend and above membership using the installment payments option, your first membership installment payment is charged immediately upon signing up. We use an automatic monthly billing system which will charge you each following month based on your initial purchase date. For example, if your membership start date was June 2, you will be charged on the 2nd of each month going forward.

In short months that don't have your purchase date (as would be the case if your purchase date was on the 29th, 30th, or 31st), the system will automatically charge you on the 1st of the following month, which will result in two charges that month (July 1 and July 31, for example). If this is problematic for you, let us know and we can adjust the date to earlier in the month.

Please note our delinquency policy for installment payments. Should your credit card decline for your monthly payment, we will get in touch with you via email to alert you and ask you to update your credit card on file. We will notify you on a regular basis for 45 days and will continue to try to process your payment. After 45 days have elapsed with no payment update or successful processing, we reserve the right to cancel your membership and all attendant benefits. Therefore, if your card number should change at any point during your membership, we would greatly appreciate it if you would update it with us immediately. This will ensure that your pledge payments continue running smoothly. Please contact our business office at 503-281-1142 to provide the necessary information to update your record.

IMPORTANT: Please note that changes made to card information online does not update the payment method used for membership pledge installment payments, so you must call our office at 503-281-1142 to update card information for your membership payments.

Canceling/Freezing Your Membership
Membership purchases at all levels are final and nonrefundable. Once purchased, a membership may not be canceled, no matter the method of payment. If you purchase a membership using our monthly installment payment option, you are pledging to pay the total amount of the membership, and your installment payments will continue until the full balance is paid. Memberships cannot be temporarily or permanently frozen.

Turn In Your Complimentary Member Tickets If You Can’t Use Them
If you have claimed complimentary tickets to an event which you are unable to attend, please return your tickets! The Hollywood has to pay film studios/distributors for all claimed tickets. Please help us keep costs down and the theater full of happy moviegoers, and email to return your tickets to the sales inventory.

You can also return complimentary tickets by logging into your account and clicking "Return Free Tickets." The next page will display orders that have complimentary tickets. Choose the correct order and then click "Return Selected Tickets." Your cooperation is appreciated!

Member Benefits FAQ

What's the difference between First Run and repertory programming?
At the Hollywood Theatre, our programming includes a mix of new releases and classic or notable older films. "First Run" refers to new release films, while "repertory" refers to the older notable films we show. For example, recent "first run" films at the Hollywood Theatre include EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, BABYLON, and EO. For first run programming, Student/Senior, Friend, and Director members typically pay $7 ($6 matinee) while Premiere and Marquee members pay $5 ($3.50 matinee); Visionaries and Cinephile Society members receive complimentary tickets.

Some of our regular "repertory" series include Queer Horror, Kung Fu Theater, Grindhouse Film Festival, Hollywood Babylon, Cinema Classics, B-Movie Bingo, and others. Most repertory screenings are complimentary for Premiere, Marquee, Visionary, and Cinephile Society members, unless it's a special event.

What does Member - Panel 1 (or 2, 3, 4) mean when I'm trying to get my member ticket?
This is an administrative designation for your membership level's ticket benefits. Panel 1 refers to Student/Senior, Friend, Director, and Movie Madness Maniac/VIP members; Panel 2 refers to Premiere members; Panel 3 refers to Marquee members; and Panel 4 refers to Visionary and Cinephile Society members. Don't worry about memorizing it - it's just for internal use. Because we have such a unique membership program, this designation helps us keep every level's benefits straight.

How do I use my virtual guest passes online?
It’s easy! When you renew your membership or if you’re becoming a member for the first time, your guest passes will be automatically loaded into your account. Your guest passes will show up as a ticket type for any applicable screening. Be aware that we didn’t restrict the number of guest passes per screening (only per membership year), so it is possible you could use all your guest passes at once. Please note that virtual passes expire at the end of your membership year. They don’t carry over, so be sure to use them!

How can I see how many virtual guest passes I have left?
Log into your account, then click “My Benefits." That will show you how many guest passes you have remaining.

Will you issue me paper guest passes instead?
Sorry, but we won’t be issuing paper guest passes with memberships. We’ll continue to accept any paper passes you may still have at the box office, though. We made our decision based on an outpouring of member feedback over the years. Virtual passes have the added benefit of being usable for advance ticket sales, while paper passes do not. So many of our screenings sell out in advance, and it has always been disappointing for us to have to send people at the box office away because they were unable to use their passes for a sold-out screening.

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