Meet Collin Hegna

Our Music Consultant for The Lot at Zidell Yards


When we first began planning our live Music + Movies series this summer, we immediately reached out to Collin Hegna - acclaimed Portland-based musician, composer, and recording engineer (and known super-fan of the Hollywood and Movie Madness) - for help.

Collin is known for leading the band Federale as well as his long term stint as the bassist of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Federale has notably collaborated with filmmaker Ana Lily Amirpour, contributing five songs for A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT (2014), as well as music for her subsequent film THE BAD BATCH (2017) and the forthcoming MONA LISA & THE BLOOD MOON. Collin’s Revolver Studios has also produced music for the Chrysler Super Bowl halftime commercial for the agency Wieden+Kennedy starring Clint Eastwood titled “Halftime In America,” nominated for an Emmy in 2012, as well as the blockbuster hit THE LEGO MOVIE (2014).

We asked Collin to share more about his process selecting the amazing musicians who’ll be performing alongside our film programming at The Lot at Zidell Yards.

Collin says, “When describing this series to potential artists, I described my job this way: ‘Think of me like a sommelier, pairing a fine local live artist to an exquisitely prepared film.’ I wanted to feature live music from a wide array of genres across the series, and hoped that each performance would either reflect the music within the score, or the overall mood of the film.”

Portland Cello Project (E.T., May 28): "When I heard we’d be doing a film featuring an iconic John Williams score, I immediately knew that we had to get a group that could tease some of those themes that are known and loved by all. Immediately the Portland Cello Project came to mind. When you come to see E.T., you will also be seeing one of Portland's most beloved classical crossover groups bring Williams’ music to life live in new and exciting ways."

Karma Rivera (LOVE & BASKETBALL, May 31): "If you have tickets to see LOVE & BASKETBALL, you will also be experiencing what rapper Karma Rivera describes as ‘film-worthy live performances that can be easily mistaken for a summer house party.’ Karma also cites LOVE & BASKETBALL as one of her favorite movies. This is the kind of passionate bridging of cinema and music I am hoping to help bring to all of our events."

45th Parallel’s Pyxis Quartet (REAR WINDOW, June 8): "The films of Alfred Hitchcock are famous for many reasons, not the least of which has to be the innovative marriage of music & picture provided by some of the most daring orchestral film composers of our time, such as Bernard Herrmann and Franz Waxman. For this film I wanted to get the classic tones and expressiveness that only an accomplished string quartet like 45th Parallel can achieve."

Small Million (CRAZY RICH ASIANS, June 11): "For the relatively recent film CRAZY RICH ASIANS, I wanted to find a synth pop band that had modern production techniques as well as an emotional element. Small Million's darkly captivating synth pop is rich with hooks, lush harmonies, and thoughtful lyrics. It's the perfect match for the themes in the film of family, friendship, love, and tradition."

Roselit Bone (THELMA & LOUISE, June 15): "Think of Roselit Bone’s music as the rebellious, sunburned middle fingers of our protagonists Thelma and Louise as they fly defiantly off a cliff and into the realm of legend. Equal parts punk and country and mariachi, Roselit Bone will bring a joyful defiance to match this film’s wild abandon. Put the top down & buckle up!"

Plastic Cactus (TROOP BEVERLY HILLS, June 22): "On the surface, TROOP BEVERLY HILLS is a slightly vapid fish-out-of-water tale, but it also has a joyful indifference to the consequences of bucking the system. What I love about Plastic Cactus (and I think fits this film so well) is their mix of fun and cutting sarcasm. Their awesome style of catchy desert-y rock and vocal harmonies fits the vibe of this film perfectly."

Cool Nutz & DJ Fatboy (COMING TO AMERICA, June 26): "With 14 records under his belt (including the brand new release "Failure Is The Feeling”), Cool Nutz has achieved a respected longevity in the Portland music scene. For COMING TO AMERICA, I wanted an artist who could bring the old school Hip Hop vibes. Cool Nutz is the first call man for this job. He brings passion, and a love for Hip-Hop."

The Shivas (STAND BY ME, June 28): "The Shivas’ fuzz-laden guitar pop occasionally obscures their deep love for early 60s doo-wop and vocal groups. But don’t let the heavy vibes fool you. These Portland indie-psych legends can write a tune as catchy as the 60’s hits in the STAND BY ME soundtrack. You may even hear The Shivas do a cover of a Ben E King tune this evening to warm you up for this classic Oregon-shot coming of age tale."

Kyle Craft (LABYRINTH, July 20): "Finding music to accompany any film with David Bowie is a tall order. Bowie is a towering figure in music and a creative genius (even in a Tina Turner wig & codpiece). In Portland, the best purveyor of oversized musical personality is Kyle Craft. Kyle’s music brings that same level of outrageous glammy pomp and flamboyance that one finds with Bowie. He plans to do a set of All-Bowie covers to pay tribute to the Goblin King. Dance, Baby, Dance!"

Onry (CASABLANCA, July 28): "For the film CASABLANCA, I took a different tack in my approach. I wanted the music to embody the romantic longing, pathos, and the desire for that which is perhaps unattainable that exists in the Casablanca. To simply say that Onry is a musician tells only a part of the story. He is also an award-winning singer, dancer, actor, and pianist. His multimedia art spans genres and defies categorization. Onry’s music brims with an honest emotional resonance. Prepare to be swept away."

Night Heron (WALL-E, August 3): "The themes in WALL-E couldn’t be more real than they are today. There’s a lot we can learn from that little robot. In a future where things have gone horribly wrong even robots can find love. Night Heron is here with their smooth modern-retro dusty grooves to light the path and show us everything can be ok. If we can find it in our hearts to love each other."