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Pipe Organ Pictures

Silent films presented as they were meant to be experienced - with live organ accompaniment! Every film in this series is complemented by an original score, created and performed live by a professional musician.

The Hollywood organ is dedicated to the memory of Beverly Ruth Nelson and is the result of a partnership between the Hollywood Theatre and the nonprofit Columbia River Theatre Organ Society. The instrument, a uniquely American invention sometimes called a Unit Orchestra, is equipped with many orchestral voices and sound effects, and was designed specifically for use with silent films. It is the only such instrument in a public theatre in Portland.

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Grandma's Boy

A 1922 family comedy starring the great Harold Lloyd. The film was highly influential, helping to pioneer feature-length comedies which combined gags with ch...

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Saturday, April 20

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

Considered the first true Hitchcock film by many (and by Hitchcock himself), this was the “master of suspense” in his first foray into the thriller genre. Iv...

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Saturday, May 25