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Queer Horror

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct
QUEER HORROR busts out an icepick for BASIC INSTINCT (1992)! Hosted by Portland's premier drag clown Carla Rossi, this '90s tribute screening opens with our most unhinged preshow yet—starring Portland drag all-stars and sponsored by Double Mountain Brewery and Cidery!

Directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Sharon Stone in a legendary performance, BASIC INSTINCT follows no-good, gun-happy, coke-snorting homicide detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) as he investigates a sex murder ripped straight from a book by queer novelist Catherine Tramell (Stone). Did Catherine kill her lover (played by pinup legend and Elvira's former beau, Bill Cable)? Will she kill Nick? And what will Catherine's murderous raver girlfriend Roxy (Leilani Sarelle) and Nick's psychologist girlfriend Beth (Jeanne Tripplehorn) do about it? Written by Hollywood's sleaziest screenwriter, Joe Ezsterhas (SHOWGIRLS), and partially inspired by Verhoeven's queer thriller THE 4TH MAN, BASIC INSTINCT is an anti-cop, anti-Hollywood satire that lampoons Americans' love for law and fear of sexuality—all dialed up to 11 and featuring one of the greatest femme fatales in film history.
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Run time: 127 mins
Format: Digital

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