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Reverb & Seduction

DRIVE + Desire & Johnny Jewel

DRIVE + Desire & Johnny Jewel
DRIVE (Nicolas Winding Refn - 2011) + A performance of music from the film by composer Johnny Jewel (TWIN PEAKS, DRIVE, BRONSON, LOST RIVER, CHROMATICS, GLASS CANDY) & Desire; the band responsible for DRIVE's iconic love theme "Under Your Spell". Both artists will be performing live music in the theatre accompanied by films. The performances will be directly followed by a short discussion of the film music of Johnny Jewel. As well as his production styles and output with Desire (Megan Louise). Emceed by Reverb & Seduction series host Collin Hegna (Federale, BJM). Following the Q&A there will be an introduction to DRIVE; Nicolas Winding Refn's neo noire classic starring Ryan Gosling.
Format: Digital

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Saturday, August 10th