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Enter the Clones of Bruce

Enter the Clones of Bruce
When Bruce Lee passed away in 1973, he had just become the biggest movie star in the world. His death left an indelible mark on the kung fu genre that was just beginning to establish itself, and film distributors around the globe jumped at the chance to capitalize on Lee’s incomparable presence, giving birth to a kung fu subgenre - Bruceploitation. Actors were dressed in yellow tracksuits and renamed Dragon Lee, Bruce Le, Bruce Li, Bruce Lo, Bronson Lee, Judy Lee, etc, and the ripple effect of Bruce Lee’s death lasted over a decade, spawning countless careers and hundreds of movies.

ENTER THE CLONES OF BRUCE tracks down producers, scholars, aficionados, and some of the movement’s biggest stars, as they reminisce over a bygone era of gonzo plotlines, shoestring budgets, and questionable taste.

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