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Exploring Portland Through Film

Exploring Portland Through Film
There’s a certain charm about Portland, Oregon. There’s a grittiness, a creativity, a well kept underlying culture that flows through the ever changing uniqueness of our Rose City. It, alongside the Pacific Northwest, has served as a beautiful backdrop for a distinct cinematic identity, inspiring many who have passed through, and captured on film by few.

In this class, we will explore the intersection of storytelling and location in Portland while delving into Oregon’s film history that set us up for these films. Spotlighting auteurs Gus Van Sant and Kelly Reichardt, we will consider how their foundational work has been influenced and centered around the city. Is there a thread that ties these stories together? Do they capture the essence here? Was Portland better back in the day? Join us as we look at the changing portraiture of Portland.

May 7: Pig (2021, 92 min)
May 14: Old Joy (2006, 73 min)
May 21: Drugstore Cowboy (1989, 98 min)
May 28: My Own Private Idaho (1991, 104 min)

This class will be taught by MMU Instructor Zoe Gillian, who recently taught a class exploring transcendental and slow cinema.

Films will be screened at the Movie Madness Miniplex, followed by an instructor-led discussion. Classes will begin on Tuesday evening, May 7th, and be held each Tuesday through the 28th, at 6:30pm.
Class size will be limited to 18.

In general, the Hollywood Theatre does not provide content advisories about the subject matter shown in our theatre. Films exhibited don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Hollywood Theatre. Information about content and age-appropriateness for specific films can be found on Common Sense Media and