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Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz – Special Edition

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz – Special Edition
Prepare yourself for the Endless Waltz of war in this classic followup to the Gundam Wing universe!

One year after the events of Gundam Wing the war between Earth and its colonies has ended, and it's Christmas time in space. People now live in a temporary period of peace floating in orbital colonies, but the actions of war define a new threat. A child is building an empire to avenge her father. After Relena Darlian, now Deputy Minister of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation, is kidnapped the Gundam pilots of Wing must uncover their Mobile Suits. Heero and his squad of pilots are once again thrust into a delicate political conflict only they can end. To make matters worse, pilot Wufei has sided with the kidnappers and will now fight against his once friends.

This is the debut of the Hollywood Theatre's brand new mecha anime series, MECHA PANIC!

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