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MMU One Credit: Tarnation

MMU One Credit: Tarnation

When TARNATION burst onto the scene in 2003, legendary film critic Roger Ebert wondered if the film “represents a new kind of documentary that is coming into being.” Famously created on a budget of about $200, using 20 years of home movie footage, and edited with iMovie, Jonathan Caouette’s intensely personal film tells the story of his own coming-of-age as a queer artist amidst a backdrop of familial dysfunction and mental illness. As much about love and resilience as it is about trauma and tragedy, TARNATION is a dizzying diary film, rhythmically edited to a 90s soundtrack that includes The Cocteau Twins, Low, and The Magnetic Fields.

This class will be taught by guest MMU instructor Julie Perini, an experimental and documentary filmmaker in Portland. Julie is a Professor at Portland State University where she teaches courses in experimental video. Julie is the founder of the Portland Diary Summit, a convergence of filmmakers, writers, and artists interested in diaristic, daily, and personal art forms.

The film will be screened at the Movie Madness Miniplex, followed by an instructor-led discussion. 

Class size will be limited to 18.

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