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The Wonders

The Wonders

Italian writer-director Alice Rohrwacher’s semi-autobiographical film, THE WONDERS (2014, 100 min) follows a beekeeping family living on the edge in rural Tuscany. Through the sensitive eyes of the oldest daughter, we witness as the daily life of this insular family is interrupted: first by a troubled boy sent to live with them by a welfare program, and then by a TV crew’s low-budget celebration of Etruscan farming traditions.
In this class, we’ll discover the innocence, intrigue, ritual, and mystery at the heart of Rohrwacher’s vivid film, and explore many of the themes she would continue to develop in her subsequent films HAPPY AS LAZZARO (2018) and LA CHIMERA (2023).

This course will be taught by visiting assistant instructor Anna Weltner, a writer and documentary filmmaker.

Class size will be limited to 18.

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