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MMU Online Archive – CHINESE BOXER

MMU Online Archive – CHINESE BOXER

Hollywood Theatre Head Programmer Dan Halsted takes on the 1970 film Hong Kong action film THE CHINESE BOXER, directed by and starring Jimmy Wang Yu.

Dan gives an expert overview of Wang Yu’s career and influences, trends in Hong Kong cinema at the time, stylistic innovations in THE CHINESE BOXER, and much more.

The lecture is meant to be watched before watching the film. Then, find and watch the film on your own, and finish up with the recording of the live Q&A (where spoilers will almost certainly be discussed!)

For each course, the "click to stream" button will take you to a Vimeo showcase that contains two videos. Watch the lecture first, and then select the discussion from the dropdown menu in the Vimeo player.

In general, the Hollywood Theatre does not provide content advisories about the subject matter shown in our theatre. Films exhibited don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Hollywood Theatre. Information about content and age-appropriateness for specific films can be found on Common Sense Media and