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Rope with Matinee Baby

Rope with Matinee Baby
Thank God It's Queer serves up more queer Hitchcock with ROPE (1948)—paired with Thom Hilton's queer short MATINEE BABY (2024), featuring a Hitchcockian performance from Queer Horror's Carla Rossi—and free for members! Directed by Alfred Hitchcock from Patrick Hamilton's shocking 1929 play, ROPE introduces us to dapper queer psychopaths Philip Morgan and Brandon Shaw (Farley Granger and John Dahl, playing characters inspired by Leopold & Loeb) as they strangle a classmate; next, they stuff his body in an antique chest and open their home to dinner guests. But Rupert Cadell (James Stewart), the boys' former housemaster—and, in the play, a former lover—begins to smell something amiss, and Brandon and Phillip might have started celebrating the perfect murder too soon.

MATINEE BABY (2024, 18:30)
In this raunchy and outlandish short from writer/director Thom Hilton, best friends Robby and Noah-Lee—employees at Portland's historic Clinton Street Theater—find themselves confronted by a parade of increasingly wacky, genre-tinged suitors. Featuring a key performance by Carla Rossi, MATINEE BABY is the queer comedy for movie lovers!
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Run time: 80 mins, 18 mins
Format: Digital

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