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Repressed Cinema

The Body Beneath in 35mm

The Body Beneath in 35mm
Repressed Cinema presents a rare 35mm print of this underground Andy Milligan film.
Sexually rampant ghouls, depraved souls... and blood red roses! A family of vampires takes over an estate known as Carfax Abbey. Since inbreeding is destroying the family line, they need new blood to keep the family going, so they set out to find new sources. Do not miss the ghoulish green vampires! From the pressbook: "The surprise ending will horrify the most sophisticated audiences of this powerfully evil film." The king of creativity on a shoestring budget director Andy Milligan strikes again in this ultra low budget horror gem. Milligan not only wrote, directed, edited, and photographed but also made the costumes.

Presented on 35MM film with trailers before the films. ...Underground comix for sale in the lobby as usual…

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