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The Young Vote

The Young Vote
Democracy is being threatened, and young people are taking it personally. In 2016, only 39% of those 29 and under, the largest generation of eligible voters in US history, voted in the presidential election. What can we do to increase young voter participation and sustain a functional democracy?

The Young Vote takes the temperature of a generation whose political awakening has coincided with events like the Parkland shooting and the Movement for Black Lives. Raised during a time of increasing distrust in government, active voter suppression, and continued inaction on the issues that matter most to them, many have lost faith in the efficacy of electoral politics. A central theme explored by the film is whether our communities, particularly our national community, reflect the type of society we want to live in and what our role is in helping build the community we desire.

In addition to highlighting what holds many young people back from voting, the film also goes in depth into specific solutions to scaling the young vote in the United States, including gerrymandering reform and mobile voting. Viewers will witness a diverse group of students and activists during the 2020 election in action and leave the film understanding young peoples' perceptions of voting and civic engagement. The Young Vote is a story about unleashing civic power, shaping the future of America, and preserving the promise of democracy by carrying forward a generation's work from the streets to the polls, and back again.

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