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V: The Final Battle Parts 1 and 2

V: The Final Battle Parts 1 and 2

The uprising against alien fascists continues as the Resistance, lead by Julie Parrish and Mike Donavan, continues its relentless guerrilla attacks against the Visitor occupation.  Soon they will implement their most important op:  to finally reveal to the rest of humanity the truth about the Visitors.  Meanwhile, Robin Maxwell agonizes over the fact that she will soon give birth to a human/reptilian hybrid.

Then on Monday, May 29th at 7:30 PM  V:  The Final Battle Part 3

Concluding the epic mini-series:  The resistance discovers an agent that could finally overthrow the totalitarian Visitors once and for all and the entire world prepares for the ultimate showdown. But the Visitor leader Diana has a trump card in a devastating planet destroying weapon. Purchase tickets for the conclusion here!

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