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Isn't She Great


Isn't She Great celebrates women in comedy and Pride season with VICTOR/VICTORIA (1982)! Co-hosted by Elizabeth Teets and Anthony Hudson, this special edition opens with stand up by LA's Mav Viola.

VICTOR/VICTORIA stars Julie Andrews as Victoria Grant, a down-and-out British singer who struggles to find work in Paris nightclubs. With her fellow cabaret performer-turned-manager Toddy (Robert Preston), they scheme to bill Victoria as a female impersonator named Victor, and when the nightclubs eat it up, the duo makes it big—but keeping the truth quiet is no easy task. Co-starring Lesley Ann Warren (CLUE) and James Garner, VICTOR/VICTORIA is an Academy Award-winning, smash hit musical comedy that could only come from Blake Edwards (THE PINK PANTHER) and the legendary Andrews.

Director: Blake Edwards
Run time: 132 mins
Format: Digital

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