Lonnie Holley and Guests

Mon, Jun 20 at 8:00PM

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The grand finale of Mississippi Records After The End Of The World Festival!

In Mississippi Records' opinion, Lonnie Holley is one of the greatest living musicians and artists around. His music is unclassifiable - a mix of cosmic jazz, soul, avant garde, folk music and pop. Lonnie never plays the same song twice, always channeling in the moment from some deep well of inspiration.

Lonnie will be accompanied by various members of the Portland Music community, including rock legends Peter Buck and Scott McCauphey, percussionist Papi Fimbres, Pedal steel guitar wizard Barry Walker and Ethiopian Jazz Band The Tezeta Band. (all accompanying Lonnie separately)

Beloved local filmmakers Donal Mosher and Micahel Palmieri will be projecting images behind Lonnie.

Appropriately, this will be the closing show for Mississippi Records' After The End Of The World Festival. Lonnie's music has helped many see more possibilities in the future than just the rote version we all except day to day. Come and be reborn into a new world...

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