Winter Kills in 35mm

Tue, Sep 26 at 7:30PM

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A brand new 35mm print of William Richert's cult '70s comedy-thriller followed by a brand new 17-minute documentary STORIES OF WINTER KILLS featuring the last interviews with Director William Richert about the casting and production of WINTER KILLS.

This thinly veiled and hyper-paranoiac take on the JFK assassination stars Jeff Bridges as Nick Kegan, the scion of a wealthy family headed by a powerful patriarch (John Huston, playing a character based on Joseph Kennedy). Kegan soon finds himself going down multiple rabbit holes while trying to unravel the conspiracy behind the murder of a U.S. president, his older brother.

WINTER KILLS features an astonishing supporting cast, including Anthony Perkins, Eli Wallach, Sterling Hayden, Dorothy Malone, Tomas Milian, Ralph Meeker, Richard Boone, Toshiro Mifune, and a wordless, unbilled appearance by Elizabeth Taylor.