Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend

Sun, Oct 15 at 7:30PM

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AniMayhem x FAKKU presents the most infamous “ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN” anime ever made.

Every 3,000 years the Choujin, or Overfiend, is revived into a human body. The Choujin slowly transforms into his supreme being, sent to unite the human world with that of the demons and the beast-men. Jyaku Amano is a beast-man sent to protect the Choujin from attacks and see to the complete unification of the three worlds. The Choujin is found in highschool slacker, Tatsuo Nagumo, who the demons believe to be possessed by a darker entity. An entity hell bent on setting off a cosmic apocalypse through the release of demonic energy which drives demons and humans to unbelievable heights of pleasure and pain.

We will have a very special guest helping us present the film, Portland-based adult manga imprint FAKKU. In 2018 FAKKU ran a successful Kickstarter to publish the long out of print original Urotsukidoji manga. They paired directly with series creator, Toshio Maeda, to put together the best release of the original material to date. FAKKU will have signed copies of the manga for sale at the event as well as the film’s soundtrack on vinyl. We will also have original art from the manga hanging in the lobby courtesy of FAKKU.