Shaun of the Dead

Thu, Oct 12 at 7:30PM

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Comedy 101 is back with seasonally-appropriate zom-com, SHAUN OF THE DEAD! This 2004 cult classic from the minds of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg is a hilarious, bloody romp where ordinary folks battle the undead with pints in one hand and cricket bats in the other. Set against the backdrop of suburban London, SHAUN OF THE DEAD follows the titular Shaun (Pegg), a lovable but directionless everyman, and his bumbling best friend, Ed (Nick Frost), as they navigate a sudden zombie outbreak while attempting to rescue loved ones and wait out the apocalypse in their local pub. As Wright’s feature film directorial debut, SHAUN OF THE DEAD lays the groundwork for his now distinctive directorial style, blending razor-sharp wit, impeccable timing, killer needle drops, and a deep love of film to create an entirely unique and engaging cinematic experience. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?