Tombs of the Blind Dead

Sat, Dec 16 at 9:30PM

Main Auditorium - Wheelchair Accessible

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Wyrd War brings Amando de Ossorio's UNCUT atmospheric Spanish/Portuguese horror masterpiece TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD (1972) to the big screen for one special late night screening at 9:30pm!

One of the most satisfying and creepy zombie films of the entire genre, Amando de Ossorio’s TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD owes more to the showmanship of William Castle and the gothic aesthetics of British Hammer Films than the visceral gore that characterized later undead offerings. Opening with a brutal medieval ritual sacrifice that was frequently cut from theatrical prints, the action soon shifts to contemporary Spain where a group of young vacationers boards a train toward the border of Portugal and the remote ruins of the town of Berzano, where a heretical sect of 14th century Knights Templars are said to be interred. Following some sleazy soft-focus sexual escapades, and a gratuitous campfire strip tease, the titular blind revenants emerge from their crypts in awe-inspiring slow motion to begin a reign of terror that spawned three official sequels and helped launch the Spanish horror revival of the 1970s. Featuring amazing make-up effects by director Amando de Ossorio himself, and a perfectly eerie score by composer Antón García Abril, this beautifully restored original Spanish language print with English subtitles is a slow-burning Euro-horror classic that haunts the imagination long after the credits roll. This is the night the doom zombies ride!