Milford Graves - Full Mantis

Thu, Mar 14 at 7:30PM

Main Auditorium - Wheelchair Accessible

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Full Mantis is a glimpse into the complex cosmology, philosophy and art of percussionist Milford Graves. A visual poem that follows Milford through dynamic live performances, an intimate view of his basement science laboratory, a workshop at a Japanese school for autistic children, the martial arts dojo in his lush backyard, and much more. Milford Graves' work took him to the furthest reaches of the cosmos and deep into the body as he researched the heart and its interconnectedness with metaphysical forces. This film, fifteen years in the making, will expand your ideas of what humans are capable of doing. We'll have a surprise live opening ritual for the film too!

All profits from this event will go to The Milford Graves Memorial Fund which is striving to preserve Milford's home, garden and temple space in Queens, New York.