Best Coast: Pacific Northwest and Slightly Beyond

Sat, Apr 06 at 7:00PM

Upstairs Auditorium - Not Wheelchair Accessible

This is part of Tag! Queer Shorts Festival 2024

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TAG! Queer Shorts Festival is a Portland, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, West Coast experience! The local, regional queer cinema POPS! This year is a mixture of finding ourselves, redistributing power, building communities, rituals of manifestation, falling in love in ways deemed impossible and even dealing with a possessed stroller!

Selected Films
(Un)Free Will (USA)
66 Motel (USA)
Architecture: From Stone to Steel  (USA)
At Lucy's Last Night (USA)
Bacon Soda (USA)
Becoming Raven (USA)
Lucid (USA)
Party Doc Anthem (USA)
Passiflora  (Canada)
The Haunted Baby Carriage from Hell (USA)
The Tin Woods  (USA)
Their Voice (USA)
Unseen Dancer (Canada)