Queer Fam: Finding Kinship

Sat, Apr 06 at 3:00PM

Upstairs Auditorium - Not Wheelchair Accessible

This is part of Tag! Queer Shorts Festival 2024

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Family feels like a synonym for queerness. Whether we rebel against it, try to replicate it, rebuild it, release it, transmute it or erase it, family—by birth or by choice—is the way queer folk often make sense of the world and how it is survived. This set of films bring us the struggle of finding ourselves, the inherent power of omission through survival, as well as the glow of acceptance, and yassification of who we believe ourselves to be. 

Selected Films
Afterparty (UK)
Alter (USA)
Brother (USA)
Bruno (USA)
Catboy (Catalonia)
Departure Point (UK)
Hi Ading  (Canada)
It's Not That Simple (UK)
Lifeline (USA)
Plant Daddy (Canada)
Summer in a Day (USA)